Wellbeing at Work Programmes

Wellbeing at Work Programmes

We help companies to develop well-being strategies and design and implement their well-being at work programs to enable both staff and organisations to thrive. Our programs promote performance enhancement, leadership development and well-being as well as training personnel to effectively manage stress, and develop and balance all pillars of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, creative, financial and social.

We specialise in bespoke programs uniquely tailored to address your team’s and your organisation’s needs and goals. Our programs  use blended learning methods including presentation, discussion, practical exercises, Q&A, reflection and personal planning.

Well-being programs help people to effectively manage stress and boost engagement, team-work, leadership, creativity and overall health.

Programs include:

  • 1 hour introduction to well-being discussion.
  • A range of modules which can be delivered independently or as part of a comprehensive well-being program with continued support to help organisations develop and implement their programs.
  • Half-day and day-long  workshops focusing on various aspects of well-being.
  • Personal Consultations – once-off, on-going or in collaboration with group programs.

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